Why You Need More Coverage
And why it’s less expensive than you think!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]About a year ago I was sitting in a seminar to better serve our personal injury patients, and the speaker really opened my eyes to an important detail.  Even though we have uninsured motorist coverage, we were underinsured. In the event of a serious car accident, I could be left in a difficult life situation.  We already carried $100,0000/$300,000 coverage, however I have personally taken care of patients who racked up medical bills in excess of $500,000. This can happen in a split second when we get in a car, as a passenger or a driver.

Increasing your Uninsured Motorist Coverage and preparing for the Underinsured

When I reached out to my insurance agent, I was surprised how inexpensive it was to get about 10 x the coverage we already carried. We were already getting a discount for combining our home and auto coverage, and for about $15/month more and some creativity by our agent Marc Nimitz at Farmers, we were able to secure about ten times the coverage.  This is money I happily spend every month and hope to never need, but it is nice to know that if something happened to me, my family or my friends while in the car, we would be able to get any medical attention we need.

What many drivers don’t realize is that getting basic or low levels of auto insurance does cost a significant amount, but often to get drastically more coverage it isn’t that much more per month. The reason for this is most car crashes won’t require the policy maximum for larger insurance policies, but in the event you do need more coverage, either do to lots of property damage or more importantly damage to your body or brain, it is so nice to know you are covered.

There are injuries that we regularly treat in the office, like whiplash to the neck and back, herniated discs, and concussions and traumatic brain injuries that can take a long time to heal, and can result in permanent damage to the body.  These can also get very expensive to treat and can result in lost income or complete disability.  Without proper coverage, this can be a serious challenge to your family’s lifestyle.

I highly recommend calling your insurance agent today and asking them how much would it cost to increase your uninsured, underinsured coverage to at least $500,0000/$1,000,000.

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