Nutrition Counseling

Diet’s for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Supplementation

Dr Paul Hodgson has been interested in Nutrition Science since he did his high school senior project on cooking and nutritional science.  His studies in traditional nutritional education at Gonzaga University and Chiropractic school led him to many questions, but less sure of the answers. 

The most common reason patients seek help from a chiropractor is pain, and Dr. Paul’s first practice was no different.  But one of the commonalities he noticed in treating many different populations was excess inflammation.  This led him to seek diets that lowered inflammation, and he even coined a “Low Inflammation Diet” in his first book.  He frequently used diet and supplements to help lower patients’ inflammation, and thus lower their pain.  This was a safer approach than medications like NSAIDs which have many harmful side effects, despite their widespread use.  But there was always the question of “why would the body produce excess inflammation if the body is a self healing, self regulating organism?” 

The answer took years for him to experiment with on his own body, his family, and his patients.  He is greatly appreciative of the thousands of patients who have humored him and worked with him throughout different dietary programs.  Shortly after the publishing of this first book, he was introduced to the diet that he currently follows and recommends in some form to most patients looking for help and advise on ways to improve their health.  It is an elimination diet, focused on animal products, specifically from ruminant animals like beef, and that eliminates varying degrees of plants which can have many anti-nutrients and challenges and aren’t as nutritionally dense as animal products. 

He generally matches the severity of the health challenge and the difficulty of the patient’s health goals to the amount of intervention needed in their diet.  If the goals are achieved with less intervention, great, if not we can increase the level of intervention (strictness) until the desired outcome is achieved.  The diet Dr. Paul uses now personally is the “Carnivore diet,” with occasional restrictions to beef and salt only, and occasional relaxation of the dietary restrictions to an “animal based” version of the diet. He has been using this diet for health and performance since 2018, and has now successfully introduced this way of eating to hundreds of patients with great success. 

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