MedPay – is an elective add on to your current car insurance policy

For those of you wondering what is MedPay? MedPay, or Medical Payments Benefit is an elective add on to your current car insurance. It is there to quickly pay your doctor and allow you to get speedy great treatment following a car accident injury. It is also a no fault benefit, meaning you can use it whether you caused the accident or not, as long as you were hurt and go to the doctor. I always recommend that people add this benefit onto their insurance, as it is often overlooked by your insurance agent unless you specifically request it. It is also very inexpensive, usually about $50-60/year for $5000 or more in coverage. I also usually recommend getting the most MedPay possible, because in today’s day and age one visit to the emergency room and an ambulance ride can run you way more than that. Most chiropractic offices, doctor’s offices, and medical facilities will bill Med Pay and most Med Pay policies pay without a lot of hassle, because this add on is designed to protect you in the stressful event that you are in a car crash that is bad enough that it physically harmed you.

Having a MedPay Policy allows your doctor to treat you with confidence of payment

Most MedPay Policies are also written so that you can use them without it counting against your record as an accident. Having a MedPay policy and not being scared to use it lets your doctor treat you and know confidently that they will be paid for their services. It lets you know you can get the best medical care from the best providers without worrying about the bills. Most insurance adjusters are pretty fair when it comes to getting your car repaired or replaced, but it has been my experience in treating many car accident patients over the years that the adjuster will almost always dispute some portion of a patient’s medical bills. This often times creates massive amounts of stress for a person who has already had the very stressful event of a car crash and injury. Having MedPay lets you know that your injuries, up to a certain dollar amount, are covered, and that your doctor will be paid. It also oftentimes eliminates the need to hire an attorney for a car accident.   In my mind, it is the smart thing to do to add this inexpensive coverage as well as to use it without hesitation in the event you are injured. Also read my article on “Why you need a better Car Insurance Policy.”
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