Natural High Blood Pressure Treatment

High Blood Pressure Treatment – An Effective Non-Drug Approach

Chronic elevated blood pressure, also known as hypertension or “high blood pressure (HBP)” can have significant health risks and is a sign that the body is not in an optimal state of functioning.  While we can alter blood pressure with many different approaches, the question should be asked “why is it high in the first place?”  Standard medical explanations for HBP are genetics, stress, sodium, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, clogged arteries, and others.  Natural high blood pressure treatment is an important thing to consider for anyone looking to avoid the dangerous effects of multiple pharmaceutical drugs and long term pharmaceutical use.

The standard medical approach is then however almost always to medicate the patient, rather than improve the health condition that is causing the HBP.  Typically at least 2 medications simultaneously are prescribed, and there is typically no “end point” to this treatment, requiring the patient to be reliant on drugs and forced to live with the side effects caused by these drugs.  These side effects are often very dangerous and severe.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractors have been measuring blood pressure in their patients for over 100 years, and reporting noticeable changes after treatment (an adjustment).  The problem with this is that until recently there was little support in the scientific literature to confirm this.  In 2007 some medical doctors and chiropractors got together for a study to determine the validity of this phenomenon.  The results surprised everyone!  One specific chiropractic adjustment to one bone in the upper neck performed better than a 2-drug combination at lowering blood pressure, and with zero negative side effects.  This study was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension.

To find out if chiropractic may be the natural high blood pressure treatment you have been searching for, call our office for a no-charge consultation today.

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