Vibration therapy is some of our patients favorite modalities, and one of the powerful tools we utilize to help relax the body and change the nervous system.  Vibration therapy loads the joints, muscles, and tendons which block pain and help to relax muscles.  They also help to move stagnant fluid out of the tissue and into the lymph and help the lymph drain into the blood.  We have a few tools we use to deliver the vibration therapy:


This is generally done with the patient face down and is done head to toe, which allows the patient to get strong sensory signals into their body that override pain signals helping muscles to relax and patients to feel better almost immediately.  Extra attention is often given to the muscles of the hips and shoulders.  It becomes even more powerful when we combine it with waveform spinal breathing and awareness.


This tool is a more powerful and local application of vibration therapy and is generally used for a specific muscle or group of muscles.  We also sometimes use it to bring awareness to the nervous system and recalibrate the sensors contained in our joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Vibration Therapy