Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Hendersonville

Carpal Tunnel is an often misdiagnosed or incompletely diagnosed condition.  Ordinary medical treatment does not get great outcomes with carpal tunnel patients, often opting the ‘watch and wait’ approach until it worsens to unbearable or disability levels.  Other ordinary medical treatment options are often injections, orthopedic braces, physical therapy, and surgery.  These have risks, side effects, and long term consequences.  For this reason, a natural carpal tunnel treatment is often the preferred choice for both outcomes and risk.  Chiropractic care at New Wave Stress and Pain Relief is a very safe and effective natural carpal tunnel treatment in Hendersonville, TN.

Woman with carpal tunnel holding hand

Is the Problem Really the Carpal Tunnel?

Median Nerve Entrapment can happen at multiple locations, the carpal tunnel is just one of the sites where this can happen.  We can also have entrapment at the neck, shoulder, or elbow, or a combination at multiple sites.  This multiple site compression is called “double crush syndrome.”  A proper diagnosis can mean the difference between a great outcome and an unnecessary surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Relief without Surgery – A Chiropractic Approach

The doctors at New Wave Stress and Pain Relief are specially trained to find the location and the cause of your carpal tunnel, and to release the nerve entrapment.  This can happen with gentle chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue release, and systemic control of inflammation.  The cost of chiropractic care is oftentimes the least expensive option, as well as the most effective.  The complications of surgery and conventional medicine also make chiropractic the best choice for getting carpal tunnel relief permanently.

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