When Dr Paul Hodgson and his team of mastermind advisors were re-thinking healthcare, the concept of ‘stress’ kept coming up.  And many of the real solutions that we have for patients is to remove stressors from the body and mind, allowing the body to focus its energy on healing, function and repair. Stress is considered by many in public health to be the number one cause of disease today!  But it is a difficult thing both to quantify and qualify.  And not all stress is bad.  Stress can actually help us grow and push us to get better, get more efficient, and make changes.

So what is Stress?

The human body’s most important task is to maintain homeostasis, which means it is attempting to control and maintain an internal environment conducive to life.  This is a includes chemical status, temperature, communication to all parts of the body, hormones, etc.  A stress is any challenge to maintaining homeostasis, and can be physical, chemical, or mental/emotional.

We can divide stress into 2 categories, Acute Stress and Chronic Stress.  Acute Stress is like a deadline at work or school, or a cold or flu; its something you get through, and then get over and return to normal life.  Chronic Stress is more like an elevated level of responsibilities, challenges, and annoyances, that taxes you and wears you out on a day to day basis and generally is the kind of stress that people are talking about when they say “You need to lower your stress.”  Chronic illnesses are a source of chronic stress as well.

The same stimulus that is considered a stress for one person can actually be pleasurable and enjoyable for another, so each situation is unique to your own nervous system settings.  That is one reason why it is so difficult to identify and remove stress from your life.  While we can never completely remove stress from our lives, we can make conscious choices to limit it, and we can also remove unnecessary stresses from the body allowing it to perform better and have less issues with any stress that life throws at us.

This brings us to the concept of “Allostatic load” and how we can help.  Allostatic load is the summation of all stresses that the body is undergoing at any given time, including physical, mental/emotional, and chemical stress.  A great analogy for allostatic load is a person trying to tread water with a backpack full of rocks.  It is incredibly hard to tread water with a backpack full of rocks, and will eventually drown you (this is where a major health crisis can occur, at the breakdown point from many stresses adding up).

Dr Paul Hodgson uses the home run formula to make sure we are checking for and removing stresses from all angles.  Most chiropractors are great at removing the physical stress from your body, and many other techniques can also be beneficial, including physical therapy, exercise, acupuncture, posture correction and massage.  What separates the approach at New Wave Stress and Pain Relief is we also have tools to help identify and correct chemical stress (in the form of toxicities and deficiencies) and mental emotional stress (in the form of unresolved past traumas and things we are not “ok” with).  This makes the treatment available here a more complete form of healthcare and wellness care than is available just about anywhere else in the world.  This is different from emergency care which is really where modern medicine thrives.

We use reflex muscle testing, homeopathy, nutritional counseling and supplementation, and a technique called Neuro Emotional Technique or NET to neutralize these stresses from the body.  Each stress we remove from the body is like taking a rock out of the backpack and allows the body to have more energy directed towards normal healthy function, and allows the body to heal.  Each stress we take off the body is like taking a rock out of the backpack of a person trying to tread water.