TMJ Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction, and TMJ pain  can be debilitating, and depending who you consult with, a wide range of treatments are available. Dr. Paul Hodgson began to notice a strong correlation between TMJ  pain and neurological disorders, which led him to explore the possibilities that the two were related.

He developed an assessment method that allows him to accurately determine if the cranial bones (bones of the skull) and upper neck are properly aligned and a method for realigning them as well. It is painless, highly effective, and has many positive benefits such as improved neurological functioning and decreased pain symptoms.

He draws much of his understanding from the works of the Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT).

The TMJ, “Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction“, is usually where we feel the pain, however it is rarely the problem unless it has been going on so long that the joint itself has degenerated.

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

Restoration of Degenerated Bones

Dr. Paul’s video segment will discuss the focus of his treatment on different bones in the neck instead of focusing on the TMJ pain directly. Doing this will allow the bones to realign and heal on their own resulting in TMJ pain relief.

Natural TMJ Pain Relief Treatment Over Injections or Surgeries

Typically the joint is painful, inflamed, grinding or clicking, and chewing is difficult when a TMJ problem exists. Natural TMJ treatment is much preferred to injections or surgeries of the joint, as these can have major side effects and their outcome is questionable at best. Occasionally dentists and orthodontists will attempt changes to the structure of the teeth in an attempt to realign the TMJ. These changes are a more drastic measure and should only be utilized after a thorough assessment of the cranial bones by an expert.

Dr. Paul Hodgson has seen hundreds of cases improve or completely resolve with full TMJ pain relief. He uses a natural TMJD treatment that involves gentle adjustments to the bones of the skull, sinuses, and upper neck. Results are powerful and immediate with this revolutionary technique.If your jaw hurts, clicks, pops, or grinds or your teeth are not coming together properly, you may have a cranial bone misalignment. This can also affect neural function and decrease quality of life. Schedule a no cost consultation today to find out if your TMJ pain will respond to this revolutionary Natural TMJ treatment