The Solution for Allergies

From food allergies to seasonal allergies, many are told they just have to “live with it” and avoid the things they love, or take medications with all the side effects.  Allergies are essentially an abnormal immune response to a normal stimulus.

We now have a technology that corrects your body’s immune response to normal stimulus.  Through a series of 13 treatments we are able to dramatically improve most cases of allergies with many of those becoming complete and permanent resolution.

How it works:

The Qi-5 is a revolutionary biofeedback device that is able to measure and treat your bodies response to stimulus.  The machine is programmed with frequencies of thousands of allergens, toxins, and noxious substances.  We connect it to the patient with electrodes, and then send electronic frequencies of thousands of allergens while measuring the bodies response.

Ideally the body should be non-responsive to these frequencies, but allergens and sensitivities will cause a physiological response within the body; the greater the response the more “allergic” we are, and these are scored numerically.  The doctor or technician chooses which allergies and sensitivities to correct based on this score.

The Qi-5 also has the frequencies of thousands of homeopathic and natural remedies in its database, and will match the frequency that does the best job at neutralizing the allergies and sensitivities.  We introduce those frequencies to the body via electrodes, lasers, and in the form of a custom remedy (spray bottle or electro-magnetically stamped bracelet) for ongoing treatment between their visits.

The machine corrects for many more factors than we could possibly do using classical homeopathy or traditional medication, in a relatively short period of time (13 weeks).  This makes it incredibly effective for symptom relief and incredibly customized to each patients unique allergies and sensitivities.

QI-5 Allergy Treatment