Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment with Chiropractic

Fibromyalgia – Facts and Fiction

Fibromyalgia is classified as a nerve disorder where nerve fibers become painful and spontaneously send pain signals in excess of normal.

It is diagnosed not by actually measuring nerve function, but by finding tender points on the body.  This un-objective method of diagnosis leads to many pain disorders and nerve dysfunction being lumped into the fibromyalgia category.  A proper understanding of the body’s nerve system by an expert like a chiropractor is key to resolve symptoms and recover normal function of the body.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

Fibromyalgia patients have often experienced many conflicting pieces of information, oftentimes because the physician they saw didn’t adequately understand the problem occurring in their body.  There are simple guidelines for fibromyalgia diagnosis, but unfortunately they don’t in any way measure the nerve system, which is the very system that is proposed to be malfunctioning.  Instead they measure symptoms like tender points and one is more likely to receive the diagnosis if there are impairments in cognition and sleep.  The lack of nerve function tests is a clear  indicator that your physician doesn’t understand the disease process.  Medication to dull nerves, dull pain, or relax all muscles non-specifically will usually result.  There are also a host of physicians cashing in on the fibromyalgia diagnosis with experimental treatments.  These typically also involve altering the body’s normal chemistry in some way, and oftentimes have undesirable side effects.  The doctors at New Wave Stress and Pain Relief have achieved fantastic results with many fibromyalgia patients, even those that had previously seen other physicians.  They have been able to do this by measuring nerve function, relating this to the bony structure, and creating change in both structures with gentle chiropractic adjustments.  This process begins to work immediately but is slow, however the results are dramatic and long-lasting.

Fibromyalgia New Wave

Dr. Paul is an amazing Chiropractor who has changed not only my body, but how I feel emotionally, and has educated me on all the aspects of how to achieve optimum health.  I came to see him after suffering for years with chronic pain in multiple areas of my body.  I went with the intention of seeing him a few times to alleviate my current severe symptoms, but when I met with him and he thoroughly explained what was happening to my body, I realized that a “quick fix” was not the answer.  I have been regularly seeing Dr. Paul for 6 months and cannot begin to explain how much he has changed my life. Most of the pain I have suffered with for years is gone, the associated depression has lifted, I am more “in tune” with my body and emotions, I am sleeping better without the constant need for pain and insomnia medication.  I have been able to start strength training at the gym on a regular basis and have adopted an overall healthier lifestyle.  The classes Dr. Paul teaches in conjunction with his therapeutic treatments are very informative and serve to enhance your overall health.  He is very gentle and as a result I am able to relax and allow my body to respond to the adjustments.  He has called me personally when I have been ill.  He or Mary (his office manager) will call to inform me of upcoming classes or just to check in and see if everything is ok.  You just could not ask for a better Chiropractor.  I’ve been to several throughout the years and none even come close to the level of personal care Dr. Paul shows each and every one of his patients.  I am so thankful to have found him and HIGHLY recommend him!

Kirsten L.