Chronic  Neck Pain Relief

There are many causes to chronic neck pain, and an accurate diagnosis is key to finding the solution. The doctors at New Wave Stress and Pain Relief are experts in detecting the cause of neck pain and helping you navigate the solutions to chronic neck pain relief.

You may have neck pain and numbness down the arm. Sometimes we may be dealing with severe neck pain, and sometimes you may have neck stiffness. Sometimes we may have sharp neck pain and sometimes it may be dull achy neck pain. Or you might have neck pain that gives you a headache, called cervicogenic headache. You may even have a pinched nerve in the neck.

The pain may be caused from poor posture, spinal degeneration, a herniated disc in the neck, or a whiplash injury to the neck. Knowing what caused the pain is crucial to choosing the right treatment for your chronic neck pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractic office in Hendersonville specializes in chronic neck pain treatment and providing the best chiropractic care available for neck pain relief. Some of the common questions we get are:

Will this pain go away?
Will I need surgery for this neck pain?
What other health problems are related to my neck pain?
How long will it take to recover?
How much will it cost to fix?
Will my insurance cover it?
How do I prevent it from returning?

Our Solutions for Chronic Neck Pain

After speaking with you we usually have an idea of what may be causing your chronic neck pain, however depending on the severity of the symptoms we will usually want to do several tests, which may include a nerve scan to see where nerves are being pinched and how badly they are being pinched, a digital motion X-Ray study showing your neck in neutral, bending forward and bending backwards, and some other orthopedic and neurological tests as indicated. Occasionally we need to do an MRI for more information.

Cervical X ray tests

Bringing About Neck Pain Relief

Depending on what your tests and history show, we can make an accurate prediction of what it will require to get you feeling better and bring about relief for your pain. There are very few cases that actually require surgery, and we are usually able to keep patients off of most pain medications and other drugs as well. This is one of the reasons why chiropractic is the safest choice for dealing with chronic neck pain.

Man in accident clutching his neck due to neck pain and whiplash

Many patients come to us after trying everything else. We welcome the tough case, and are often able to help where others methods and techniques have not. Even if you have been to other chiropractors, please consider giving it one more try.