Knee pain can happen all at once like in a catastrophic injury, or it can develop slowly over time from improper mechanics, growth, and wear and tear.  The most famous knee injury is sometime called “The Terrible Triad,” and involves a lateral hit to the knee and the ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus.  This is usually a surgical intervention, followed by PT, and often times repeat injuries and early degeneration.

The type of knee pain we specialize in is more based on improper mechanics, wear and tear, and can also be known as osteoarthritis or just arthritis for short.  Many things affect the onset of this, like running, standing, being overweight, and improper muscle balance and coordination.  Our approach is to correct the biomechanical dysfunction (usually of the whole lower extremity) while supporting cartilage regrowth and getting inflammation under control.  If necessary and the patient is willing, weight loss can also be a component.

New Wave Stress and Pain Relief Knee Pain

We have several tools to do this that can be seen here as well as CollaGen supplementation and stem cell supplementation. Standard medical intervention will usually use oral medication to lower pain and inflammation, injections of steroids or gel fillers, and possibly surgery or total knee replacements. We have had great success with helping patients keep their own knees and navigate through this difficult problem.  Call us today to find out if your knee pain has a non-surgical solution.