Our Patient Philosophy

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves naturally especially after any type of injury. Proactive Chiropractic Care is a branch of the healing arts that restores function, balance, and healing potential to the body. Healing is a process and true chiropractic care focuses on correcting the source of your problem rather than masking the symptom it creates.

The Proactive Chiropractic Approach

At New Wave Stress and Pain Relief – A Chiropractic Place, CA, Dr. Paul Hodgson and his staff are highly experienced in understanding the complex nature of healing of the body. They use an integrative approach to whole patient care which helps restore optimal health. The New Wave Approach designed by Dr. Paul Hodgson is a comprehensive, holistic and proactive approach that helps patients’ complete healing and recovery so that active lifestyles can be restored.  This is accomplished by first lowering pain, second by remodeling soft tissue structures and identifying negative lifestyle factors, and third by strengthening postures, movements and organ function.

As a Hendersonville chiropractor, Dr. Hodgson uses an incredibly thorough assessment to evaluate your current health condition with the highest level of details. You will set goals together so a customized and personalized chiropractic care program can be designed for better physical performance and a higher quality of life. The New Wave approach nurtures the body’s ability to heal itself. Not all chiropractic care is designed the same, and Dr. Paul Hodgson’s approach personalizes the level of patient care, emphasizing self-care as you become empowered to restore body, mind, and spirit.

In our modern world, “stress” to both the body and mind is the underlying cause of ailments and disease. These stresses can be divided into: chemical stress, emotional stress, and physical stress. Chemical stress are the toxins and harmful drugs that we are exposed to or intaking on a daily level. Emotional and mental stress is affecting us all these days. From financial stress to work stress to relationship stress, many conditions begin to arise, including anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, and others. Physical stress are sports injuries, falls and accidents. All of these types of stress can cause major problems within our nervous system and are typically at the root of why a person feels low energy or like they are aging quicker than they actually should be.


Paul explaining x-rays to patients

The first step is to meet the doctors and identify areas where they can help. This part is always free, as we want to remove barriers to our community getting healthy. After problems have been identified and goals have been set, an evaluation will allow the doctors to identify problems and areas of opportunity. This may involve neurological, orthopedic, chiropractic, and X-Ray testing. Some time is usually needed for the doctor to put the whole picture together and make recommendations, which is usually done on a follow-up visit, where doctor and patient decide on the best treatment options. Occasionally this also involves referrals to other specialists.

Four easy metrics you can look at to subjectively assess your own health and well-being are:

  1. Energy level
  2. Sleep
  3. Digestion
  4. Relationships

Unlike conventional medical practices and chiropractic practices in North San Diego County, our New Wave Approach begins with a philosophy that honors the body and its healing potential by looking at the whole person; body, mind and spirit. Many offices claim to be ‘holistic’ until you realize the treatments offered are actually again just chasing symptoms or what is allowed by your insurance program. We believe that you deserve better than that. When all aspects of health are addressed, we are free to truly thrive, as nature intended.