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Every chiropractic office operates in its unique approach and style. At New Wave Chiropractic Center, we believe that to provide the world’s best chiropractic care, we need the world’s best assessment.  We designed our patient assessment to evaluate the patient’s complete function and well-being, not simply the part that hurts.

X-Ray – Most conventional X-rays from hospitals are taken while laying down.  This is the easiest way to get a clear picture, which is what the hospital wants to have, the best chance to identify things like cancer and fractures.  If these things are not present the patient is often told everything is normal and to take muscle relaxers or dangerous pain pills.  Dealing with pain in this way has lead us to our current ‘opiode crisis,’ which is very dangerous to the patient. Seeing a patient’s spine while laying down does not accurately measure or assess the patient’s problem, when we load the spine in gravity (being upright in seated or standing position) we get a much more accurate picture of the patient’s true condition. Loading the spine in gravity can change what is visualized on the spinal structures like discs that produces symptoms with certain movements or positions.

Weight Bearing X Ray and Electromyography

At New Wave, we use weight bearing X-ray positioning and can catch problems that were missed by hospitals or conventional X-Rays.  We also take this a step further to measure biomechanical function by visualizing the spine in multiple positions. It’s common for a spinal problem to feel fine in one position and agonizing in another. The attention to detail is what allows us to detect problems that were unsolved by other medical and chiropractic offices.

Another patient assessment we use is called surface electromyography (SEMG). This scan detects and measures the severity of nerve irritation. Our office utilizes this SEMG at the onset of the 1st visit and throughout the progression of your healing until your problem is corrected. Typically, we use these scans on a monthly basis until a complete resolution of your spinal problem is achieved.  We, then, use it as one of the many tools for wellness patients to optimize your performance over a lifetime.

New Wave Chiropractic Care also includes an array of chiropractic equipment to assist with spinal decompression and rehabilitation of lumbar discs such as the “Hill Flexion Distraction Table. It’s highly effective for disc injuries including degenerative disc disease, disc herniations, protrusions and disc bulges.  For very severe patients who can’t even get on and off a table, we are blessed to be able to have 4 “Lloyd Galaxy Drop Tables” for gentle pelvic alignments and with a Hi-Lo feature essential for high pain patients to get on and off the table safely.

Lloyd Galaxy Drop Table

LaserWe use the LZR7 Class IV Laser which helps with increasing tissue healing speed for both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. Laser therapy has been used for over 20 years and is an extremely effective and safe modality for cutting through pain symptoms and expediting tissue healing speed.  The LZR7 Class IV is the ultimate high powered laser for rapid resolution of many soft tissue injuries and deeply penetrates into the tissues with minimal heat and maximal cellular absorption.  There is also a home light therapy unit that is rented or sold to patients who want to use laser for the long- term.

Neuro-Mechanical IQ Adjusting Instrument helps the doctors to perform gentle, specific and scientific chiropractic adjustments without the “crack” of a classic chiropractic adjustment.

New Wave Stress and Pain Relief – A Chiropractic Place based in Hendersonville, TN is fully equipped, with the most advanced chiropractor care lead by Dr. Paul Hodgson.  We are here to help our community get healthy fast and stay healthy for life.

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